• Costa Rica is a magical country, and its magic will (can) envelop and take you places you’ve never been. It is a country flanked by the healing power of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans; a country energized by a north-south volcanic chain, and a land where the light of the sun comes as if charged with soothing your soul. This is a place of wellness. Why not embark on a quest and live it for yourself?
Light be the candle or the mirror that reflects it If there is magic on the planet it is contained in the water Looking out onto the pool from the comfort of our decks. Here in Costa Rica, sandals are always appropriate footwear. Costa Rica provides refuge to many wildlife creatures. Waterfalls like these offer the perfect background music. Our menus feature the fresh flavors of the tropics. Experience color like never before with the rainforest’s abundance of vibrant flora and fauna. Costa Rica alone accounts for 5% of the world´s biodiversity; many of which can be seen firsthand at our hotels. A refreshing moist towel and cold drink welcome you at each of our resorts. Cleanse your mind, spririt and body. Melt away the stress with a full body massage. Sit quietly, doing nothing, spring comes and the grass grows by itself. Breathe in the refreshing aromas of the rainforest with our all-natural and organic spa products. Center your body and mind with one of our yoga classes. Feel free, balanced and energized. Surrounded by trees, our hammocks are the perfect spot for an afternoon siesta. Search inside yourself. Lean back and recline as you enjoy the sounds and views of nature. Connect at each other’s sides with one of our couple´s massages. Our trained yoga instructors will help you find peace of body and mind. Nature serves as the perfect backdrop for one of our specialty massages. The best energy and peace of the sunsets at the beach. Experience the vibrant colors of the rainforest with the Scarlet Macaws of the Osa Peninsula. Sit back, relax, and watch the sun disappear behind the waves. Treat yourself to one of our many spa services. Spread out and relax on the white sand of our pristine beaches. Towering trees are the only skyscrapers you´ll find here. An invigorating yoga session. Peace and tranquility of mind. The perfect end to your day. Enjoy the many plants of the rainforest. Become a part of nature and explore our many trails.