Costa Rican Itinerary for a
Wellness Vacation

let us take you on the journey of exploring wellness
in all of its ramifications… 

Give your mind, body, and spirit the opportunity to restore themselves. No matter how long your visit to Costa Rica is we can help you find the time to slow down and cater to your soul. The following itineraries suggest destinations based on the amount of time available. Have a look and assemble the perfect wellness vacation.

Two Days or Less for Wellness

There are wonderful options if you have two days or less to give yourself a wellness treat. Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee Plantation & Inn is the perfect escape if you happen to be visiting San Jose on business and want an opportunity to reconnect the mind, body, and spirit. Located in the Central highlands of Costa Rica, only 45 minutes away from the San Jose airport, and surrounded by a coffee plantation this is a place where you will experience pampering and tranquility. Check into one of the unique and eclectically luxurious rooms and begin unwinding by sipping a cup of fresh organic coffee, grown and roasted on the property. Indulge in a massage at El Targua Spa, and delight your taste buds with a gourmet organic meal. Swim in the pool, take leisurely walks through the verdant gardens and allow the calls of birds to lure you into a peaceful state. This is an ideal getaway whether you choose a two day jaunt or a one week stay.

If you have more than a day or two treat yourself to Arenas Del Mar Beach & Nature Resort an oasis of relaxation and restoration located on the Central Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Here, simply soaking in the jacuzzi on the balcony of your suite overlooking the ocean will be enough to soothe the soul. Take coddling your body to new heights at Las Brisas Spa and indulge in a coconut scrub body polish, a deep tissue massage, and a collagen veil facial. Read and snooze on the beach under the shade of an almond tree. Walk the trails of Manuel Antonio National Park where monkeys and sloths and anteaters are sure to put a smile on your face, and the spectacular views of the ocean from the peaks of the park will take your breath away. Dine scrumptiously and allow the sound of the surf to lull you to sleep. Awake and repeat. Arenas Del Mar is also perfect for a longer stay.

Five Days of Wellness

Take a flight to Nosara in Guanacaste and experience days of low key, old style comfort and wellbeing at the Harmony Hotel which is only steps away from the expansive and peaceful beach of Playa Guiones. Amidst lush gardens and nestled in the crisp white and earth tones of your bedroom time will come to a standstill, all your cares and concerns will disintegrate and you will begin composing a renewed sense of wellbeing. Begin your days with a quiet meditation, then challenge yourself physically and surf some of the best breaks in Costa Rica, and after that reward yourself with the mind silencing octopus massage at the Healing Centre of Radiant Awakening. Add fresh juices and healthy gourmet meals, long walks at sunset, yoga lessons when the body desires, and multiple body treatments, and you have the perfect recipe for days of wellness.    

Choose another paradisiacal destination for your five day wellness trip and head out to Latitude 10 Resort, in Santa Teresa on the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula. Latitude 10 is about chilling out, deliberately. There are only five private casitas at this resort and everything is designed to cater to your well being. Choose an early morning jog on the stretch of pristine beach, have a private yoga lesson, and then soothe the body with a spa treatment designed just for you. Wander off this eternal summer hangout and be seduced into serenity by the rich tropical forest, the deserted beach, and the deep blue ocean of Santa Teresa; or enliven your senses, grab a surfboard and dare to enjoy some of the best waves in Costa Rica right outside your bungalow. Whatever you choose, it will be easy to fill yourself with a tranquil passion for life at Latitude 10.

An option is to start or end these five day trips with a day at Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee Plantation & Inn.

Seven Days of Wellness

Venture down south to the Osa Peninsula and allow the awe-inspiring wildness of the lowland tropical forest and the calm comfort of Lapa Rios Ecolodge to bring you wellness. What better mix than a morning hike through untouched rainforest, followed by a massage, and then an early evening yoga lesson to herald wellness? Or perhaps simply choose to daydream by the pool, looking out into the green of the mountain and the dark blue expanse of the ocean. At Lapa Rios the sounds and smells of the forest will calm you, and there seems to be no better place to sleep than in these bungalows that offer magnificent views of the ocean and the jungle through giant open air windows. The simple pleasure of just being is so easy to achieve here. Complement your three day visit to Lapa Rios with a three day visit to the Harmony Hotel, Latitude 10, or Arenas Del Mar, and in a week you can experience distinct and beautiful Costa Rican geographies and alluring dives into wellness.

A Wellness Fortnight

If time permits treat your mind, body, and soul to the ultimate wellness trip. Begin with two days at Arenas Del Mar, and take advantage of the wonderful bodywork offered at La Brisas Spa to release all physical stress. Then fly to the Harmony Hotel for three days to calm the mind with meditation and yoga, revive the body with some surfing, and take physical relaxation even deeper with the various bodywork options of the Healing Center of Radiant Awakening. Next, head to Latitude 10, and know that by now the name of the game is “complete carefree”. For three more days pamper yourself in the way that you best see fit. By the time you arrive in Lapa Rios the body, mind, and spirit have restored themselves and reemerged offering you complete tranquil vitality and serene strength to allow you to fully embrace the magical essence of the wilderness of the Osa Peninsla. After three days in Lapa Rios gently make your way back home, spend one or two nights at Finca Rosa Blanca, allow your body to take all its renewed health and store it for the year to come. Return home after a fortnight of wellness, and listen to your spirit as it thanks you.
Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee Plantation & Inn, along with Lapa Rios Ecolodge were the first two hotels in Costa Rica to achieve the highest level of 5 green leaves in Certification of Sustainable Tourism.  The Harmony Hotel has just recently been awarded the 5 green leaves and Arenas Del Mar Beach & Nature Resort and Latitude 10 are awaiting certification. 
* Please note that all domestic flights in Costa Rica are certified as being Carbon Neutral and will compensate all carbon emissions emitted by your flight.

We invite you to consider extending your wellness itinerary for a few days to experience the peace and serenity of the secluded island getaway of Jicaro Ecolodge located in Lake Nicaragua.  We are happy to help you work out the logistics of combining a Costa Rica honeymoon with an extension to Nicaragua. 

Jicaro Island Ecolodge is Nicaragua’s newest and most luxurious eco resort located on the private island of Jicaro in Lake Nicaragua.  Experience the peace and tranquility of staying at this secluded island getaway just 20 minutes by boat from the colonial town of Granada.  Jicaro is the ideal location anyone who want to reconnect with themselves and leave their hectic lives behind for a few days.   

Enjoy yoga sessions next to the lake overlooking the Mombacho volcano, massages and a variety of wellness treatments as well as fresh and healthy local cuisine. 

Below is a complete list of contact information for all hotels and lodges:

Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee Plantation & Inn – [email protected]

The Harmony Hotel – [email protected]
Arenas Del Mar Beach & Nature Resort – [email protected]
Lapa Rios Ecolodge – [email protected]
Latitude 10 Resort[email protected]

Jicaro Island Ecolodge – [email protected]


  • Costa Rica is a magical country, and its magic will (can) envelop and take you places you’ve never been. It is a country flanked by the healing power of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans; a country energized by a north-south volcanic chain, and a land where the light of the sun comes as if charged with soothing your soul. This is a place of wellness. Why not embark on a quest and live it for yourself?