Social Wellness

We may sometimes feel that we go through life alone, but the truth is that we don’t. All around us everyday are hundreds of people reminding us, in one way or another, of our interconnectedness, reminding us of the divinity trapped within our humanity. Perhaps we are too busy pinpointing faults and differences to notice, but as we grow in body, mind, and spirit, as we slow down, silence our mind and listen to a deeper heart, we begin to understand that the only way for us to know ourselves is through one another.

Relationships of all kinds define us. They show us who we are, who we have been, and who we can be. Embracing others opens our heart. As we care for others, others will care for us. Approach openly, know only the good that lies within all, and wellness will spread through you to others. Take that one step further and give of yourself freely, without expectations, and suddenly what unfolds within you is the very joy of being alive. Sharing our lives with others, learning to give and take respectfully, celebrating the differences, and growing together are aspects of social wellness.

A wellness vacation goes beyond the body, mind, and spirit. It should be one that at the very least has minimal negative impact on local culture, and at best, it could actually support local economies and lifestyles. It can make you new friends, it should teach you something new, and it should uncover some beautiful thing about yourself and others.

Suggestions for fostering social wellness:
  • Learn about the culture you are visiting ahead of time. It will help you gain an understanding of customs and social norms.
  • Respect the values and beliefs, and accept the differences of local people and other cultures.
  • Ensure that local people benefit from your travels. Buy locally produced organic and fresh food when possible.
  • Spend money in community or locally owned businesses and use the services of tour operators, outfitters and accommodations that employ local people.
  • Talk with the locals, find out what’s going on, and visit the places where they spend their leisure time.
  • Find a project, health clinic or school and donate to it.
  • Costa Rica is a magical country, and its magic will (can) envelop and take you places you’ve never been. It is a country flanked by the healing power of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans; a country energized by a north-south volcanic chain, and a land where the light of the sun comes as if charged with soothing your soul. This is a place of wellness. Why not embark on a quest and live it for yourself?