Itinerary for a Wellness VacationTop 10 Things to do on your Wellness Vacation

  1. Have a massage and release your tension.
  2. Swim with dolphins.
  3. Plunge into a clear natural pool at the base of a waterfall.
  4. Discover your body, do yoga.
  5. Help nature re-balance itself and plant a tree.
  6. Eat well, eat delicious food, three times a day.
  7. Remind yourself of the great miracle of life, walk through forests, up to volcanoes, and on long stretches of beach.
  8. Give thanks for the day, watch the sunset.
  9. Climb to the canopy and experience the rainforest with toucans and macaws.
  10. Sip organic coffee to the sight and sounds of motmots and parakeets.


  • Costa Rica is a magical country, and its magic will (can) envelop and take you places you’ve never been. It is a country flanked by the healing power of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans; a country energized by a north-south volcanic chain, and a land where the light of the sun comes as if charged with soothing your soul. This is a place of wellness. Why not embark on a quest and live it for yourself?